Air Canada Alcoholic Beverages Limits 2018


If you select Air Canada for your travels, you should check Air Canada’s Restricted and Prohibited Items policy. There are some items such as batteries, Gel, Liquids includes alcoholic beverages are restricted, some other things are even prohibited.

Here we only collect newest Air Canada policy information which is about Liquids and Gels (including aerosols, toiletries and alcoholic beverages).

How many Alcoholic bottles (items) exactly I can take If Selected Air Canada?

Due to the newest policy from Air Canada:

1: Any liquids with an alcohol content of 70% or more are NOT accepted !

2: ONLY less than 70% alcohol content liquids are accepted;

3: Total liquids capacity does NOT exceed 2L or 2kg (75 fl. oz.) per passenger;

4: If in Carry-on baggage, you should put your alcoholic liquid in a containers of 100 ml /100g (3.4 oz.) or less, AND, the containers should be placed in 1 clear, closed and re-sealable plastic bag not larger than 1 L;

When we write this post, we checked Restricted and Prohibited Items information which is from Air Canada website 2018.

5: We called Air Canada, we were told ONLY adult is allowed to take alcoholic liquids, minor age children are NOT allowed to take. (we called them is because we did not find out related information from Air Canada official website. To confirm this information, we strongly recommend you contact Air Canada yourself);

Is there any limits if I take Canada Ice Wine?

Canada Ice Wine is famous in the world. Travellers like to buy ice wines and take to different countries.

How many bottles of Ice Wine you can take if you select airplane?

First let us share an information which is from Canadian Government website: You can carry up to a maximum of 5 L of alcoholic beverages containing between 24 and 70 percent alcohol by volume in retail packaging by air. There are no restrictions on alcoholic beverages containing 24 percent alcohol or less.

image Normally the Canadian Ice Wine contains around 10% alcohol, so Ice Wine looks like is allowed to take without restrictions by Canadian government. But please be aware of this policy is mostly for entering to Canada. **But how about Air Canada for the ice wine policy ?** We can not find clear information from Air Canada about Ice Wine, so we called Air Canada, we were told there is no limits if Canadian Ice Wine with around 10% alcohol content. (However, we still strongly recommend you contact Air Canada by yourself to get correct travel with ice wine information, maybe Air Canada changed policy when you are start new travel) ## Also Please Check Custom Policy of Target Country After you get clear information from Air Canada, please do NOT forget to check the target country’s custom related policy about alcoholic beverages. Because we have seen from above Air Canada limits total liquids capacity up to 2L, but Canada government allows up to 5L totally. Obviously a Airplane company makes different policy with a country’s government includes their custom in country borders. To get correct information how many Alcoholic items exactly you can take, you should at least check two places: one is Air Canada (or Any airplane company you selected), another one is the custom of your target country.