Canadian Tire Sauder 5-Shelf Bookcase Unboxing


In Canada, the major furniture stores are Neon's, The Brick, WalMart, Home Depot etc. But we have to know the Canadian Tire is the one of your choice. Though you might not have enough chance to buy big size furniture, and you have few chance to buy full wood made furniture from Canadian Tire, but if you are looking for any furniture for your kids room, such as computer desk, bookcase, you might better have a look in Canadian Tire.

Here we have a 5-shelf bookcase, the brand name is Sauder, which is not bad quality compared to other brands in Canada furniture market.

The following is the screen shot of Canadian Tire website, the bookcase’s price is $59.99 CAD dollar, compared to similar bookcase which is from Walmart, this bookcase is not bad, or even better, more beautiful and better color;

image The following is the unboxing of a Sauder 5-shelf bookcase This is the box package: image **The size is 24 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 71.13" (62 x 29 x 181 cm)** image This is the content in the box, a install guide, and multiple boards, each board has been labeled letter, which indicated the install order for all boards: image The following is the video of unbox of Sauder 5-shelf bookcase: