Check Real Time Traffic From Cameras


If we want to know current traffic information, normally we can check Google map or Microsoft’s Bing map with their traffic features. However, do you know you can check more “real” traffic status by cameras ?

In Canada, people can check traffic cameras from online. Most of traffic cameras are set and installed by government.

For example, In Ontario of Canada, The government set a 511 Traveller Information website, people can check it anytime for free.

1: Ontario Traffic Camera:

When you visit the website please check on Camera option from the control panel on the right side so that you can see all traffic cameras in the local area.


Then you can click a camera to see the newest traffic photo

image Actually compared 511On website, I like to use another related webpage which provides the same cameras but different UI, from here I can get reference images to see road directional perspective. image 511 website is provided by Ontario government. Most of cameras are installed along with highways such as 401, 400..etc. There are some city governments also provide local traffic cameras. ### 2: York Region Traffic Cameras Here is York Region Traffic Cameras, local traffic cameras mostly are set on local roads but not on the highway. image ### 3: Toronto Traffic Cameras: Here is Toronto traffic cameras webpage: image You can search online or check your government to get more local traffic cameras information.