Citizenship and Immigration Canada Online Payment


Sometimes we have to pay fees to Government of Canada, especially to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Our government might want to provides enough information to people so they provides multiple ways and links to let people “find a right url link” to pay fee. As result every time when I pay fee, I have to spend some time to find the right url link. Here let me record those links so that I can find back next time. The time is in Feb 2018 (Government website might be variable in different years.)

For example, currently we can use at least 2 ways to login to Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Sign-in Partner and GCKey. From the following link you will see them:

For the Sign-in Partner, I need a bank account information; For the GCKey, I need a GC account (Government of Canada credential).

But in case of I neither remember the GCKey, nor I can find back my bank account information at present and I can not remember my bank account password. How can I do?

Here is another way to login: Using your Email and Password which you registered originally in case you remember your Email and Password for the account on CIC website.As our remembering, actually this way might be the original login way which is provided before Sign-in Partner and GCKey ways.

The official website has an EServices payment link, which is:

From the page after clicked above link, you can see you should put the original email and password:image

How to get your paid list ?

When you pay a fee to CIC, you might be better double check whether you have paid already. For example, I can not remember whether I paid a PR card, so I need to check my paid history.

When I login my CIC online payment page, I see there is a “View all receipts” menu on the right top corner. Click it then I can see my payment history.