Downloading Proxy Script Caused Web Browser Stuck


Recently we found our Chrome web browser looks like slower than usual when we tried to open a web page, it was stuck in the first 20 or 30 seconds, or even few minutes when visiting websites but after that the speed could be back to normal. We see there is a message “Downloading proxy script…” (sometimes the message is “Resolving proxy…”) in the bottom left corner of the web browser.

What caused the message “Downloading Proxy Script” ?

By default, our Internet Explorer has a setting which is “Automatically detect settings”. It is by design.  It is just this setting caused the message “Downloading proxy script”.

The following content is from Microsoft supporting:

When the user profile is first created, the Internet Explorer connection settings will not be considered to be fully configured until the browser is first opened by the user.  Before that interactive process can occur, the Windows Group Policy subsystem will apply the appropriate policy and customization settings before the user is permitted to interact with the desktop environment. 

How to resolve “Downloading Proxy Script ” issue?

It is easy to resolve “Downloading Proxy Script ” issue. Since we know the reason is caused by the “Automatically detect settings” so we can just disable it.

No matter you use Windows 7 or Windows 10, just use “Search” (in Windows 10, you can use Cortana as searching place), and input “Internet Option”;

Now you can see an Internet Option item and select it, you can open** Internet Properties** setting window, select Connections tab, and click LAN settings button:

image   After you click LAN settings button, you will see the LAN settings window, just check off “**Automatically detect settings**” then click **OK** button: image