Error Code 404 When Android Phones Download or Update Apps from Google Play Store


Update 03: (Fixed) 2018 Feb 06. East time 10:30pm. After our testing. the Huawei Mate 9 pro can download and update apps from Google Play Store stably. So it looks like the 404 error code has been fixed by Google.

Please check Google Play official comment. it indicates the issue is handled by Google. Since Google Play Store is back to normal status, so the phone users do not need to do anything.

Update 02: Sorry, we confirmed the owner could ONLY download Some Apps from Google Play Store now. Also, the downloading can not be stable. Sometimes work sometimes does not. So seems the issue still has not been fixed.  We are still waiting…

Also. there are some smart guys can root the phone and delete a file named ‘’ from \system\emui\china\permission folder (Huawei phone), and reboot the phone, clean data and cache of Google Play Store, and can resolve the 404 issue. So if you can root the phone, and you can do professional job, you can try to do that but please note you are going to take your own risk. Good luck !


Update 01: At around 10pm east time on Feb 05 2018 , when we had a time to test on a Huawei Mate 9 Pro phone which got the 404 error code previously, we found apps can be downloaded. So it looks like the Google Play Store 404 issue has been fixed. The phone owner did not do extra operations today. But the owner did try Google Play Store data and cache cleaning that are mentioned in this blog yesterday.

Just in recent week, there are some Android phone users, who are using some brands of smart phones from Asia countries (but not all of them are from there), such as Huawei, ZTE axon 7, Xiao mi, even Samsung galaxy note 5 (not sure where this phone is from), can not download or update any apps from Google Play Store.

What is the problem ?

When some users tried to download app from Google Play Store, they see an 404 error code message:

“xxxx” (app) can’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: 404)

image User tried multiple ways but still could not get fixed. Mostly, users have tried the following actions: Clean Google Play Store cache, Clean Google Play Store data, Restart Phone, Clean Google Service cache, Clean Google Service data, Uninstalled Google Play Store, Rest to Factory Setting, Set DNS to and, even flash the factory ROM. Unfortunately, no one worked yet. So we can only guess the problem might be from Google Service, but we are not sure. What the user can do is just waiting. Possible Google or Huawei can provide official message soon later ? At present. Huawei phone users can either download apps from Huawei Apps Store, or try to download app’s apk files from websites. check more discussions from here. (Feb 06, 2018 updated. This issue has been fixed by Google)