How Many Teaspoons Equals One Tablespoon


We never thought spoons could have standard sizes. In North America, the spoons are mostly like made with standard sizes.

People are asking: How many teaspoons equals a tablespoon?

We don’t want to reply on internet only. So we used our own spoons from kitchen room. Here we got 2 spoons. It looks like the big one is Tablespoon, the small one could be teaspoon.

image The most easy way is measure using water. Guess how many small spoons water can fill the big spoon? image We tried multiple times, seems we can use around 2.8 to 3 small spoons (teaspoons) to fill the big spoon (table spoon) Then we searched internet for verifying answer. We can see from Google below: image We also found information from Wikibooks: _A tablespoon is a unit of measure equal to 1/16 cup, 3 teaspoons, or 1/2 fluid ounce in the USA. It is either approximately or (in some countries) exactly equal to 15 mL._ _"Tablespoon" may be abbreviated as **T** (note: uppercase letter),** tbl, tbs **or** tbsp**._