How to Check whether Crucial Memory is Compatible with Your Computer


Crucial is a popular band with different memory products such as computer memory and SSD. We can see great Crucial products deals sometimes. For example, there is a lightning deal which a 16 GB kit (two 8 GBs) is for $59.99 CAD in 2016 April 11 as one day sale. You know $59.99 is a single 8 GB memory price in BestBuy.

But we should know different computers use different parts, there is no a universal computer memory can be used by all computers. So before we purchase a computer memory, we should check whether it works on our existing computer.

How to Check Crucial Memory if Works on Your Computer ?

First we should find out the a memory's ID number, for example here we see the ID is CT2KIT102464BF160B from a selling webpage (you can check the memory's selling information from here ):

image Then we to to Crucial official website, input search keyword by the target memory's ID number, search on Crucial official website and got the memory list, click the product link by clicking title in result page. Now we can see the checking options in the section of "Will it work with my system", input 3 options about your laptop: manufactory, product and model. image After you input, you will see a button came out, it is "check compatibility" image Then you will see the compatible result: image Crucial official website also provides an advisor service which is very good, However, it is not a good service to check part's compatibility, it is a good place to check what your system could be updated.