Image Searching ? Check Google Arts & Culture Face Matching


The computer search technology seems to be limited to textual search. Can we search for an image? Google's search technology has reached a fairly high level, but we have not seen a mature image search product yet.

The technology is moving forward, and various technologies have also made great progress, including image search. Microsoft was trying to collect user voices to help their “Search for words in your images in Office 365”. Google, even moved faster. They added photo matching function into one of their mobile phone apps: “**Find portraits that match your face from existing museums collections with your Selfie. " **on their Google Arts & Culture. (The app can be downloaded from Apple Apps Store and Google Apps Store)

image Users may be immersed in this little game-like application and find it interesting. But do you realize that it is an image matching technique? Note: you will have to take your real time selfie but not selecting one from your camera roll, also, seems you can not take any picture from an existing wall poster. So this one does not work: image But whatever, we can see a real example which can search image. In fact, we don't know what technology was used by Google to match images, perhaps through artificial intelligence (AI)?. But this is indeed a huge improvement in search technology. In the near future, we will all see Google has an image search option.