PC Financial Master / Debit Card vs PC Plus Card and PC Point


We mostly know PC bank’s credit card and debit card, when we use PC Master card, we could earn PC Points. For example, when we pay $50 using PC Master card in some grocery store such as Nofrills, we can get 500 PC points, at this case, each $1 get 10 PC Points.

In 2013 May, Loblaws announced a new digital reward program, the PC Plus, which could provide us personalized offers, if we load the offer and buy the items at participating stores, we can earn points.

image ## What is the difference between PC Financial Card Point and PC Plus Point ? No difference. No matter PC Plus or PC Financial Master card or debit card, they can help us to earn the same PC Points. Normally, we buy $100 items, we could get 1000 PC points, which could be redeemed as $1, so it actually could be converted to this: we buy $100, get $1 cash back. ## Why PC Plus ? PC Plus provide new content which PC Financial “program” does not, for example: personalized offers, shopping list or meal plan. About more information, please check PC Plus official website. ## PC Financial Cards vs PC Plus Card ? Actually if you are a PC Financial customer, you can use your existing PC credit card or debit card to join PC Plus program. What you have to do is visiting pcplus.ca website and enter your card information. image After you register your PC Financial card into PC Plus, your PC Financial card will then double as a PC Plus card. Please read more details from PCPlus.ca website.