The Best Smart Phone in 2012 ?


We don’t know what the best way to compete all kinds of smart phones is, but maybe the one reasonable way to get the result is let people vote.

Laptop Magazine, “As one of the most respected and trusted brands in mobile technology, LAPTOP Magazine & provides executive decision makers, IT professionals, and tech enthusiasts with product reviews, news and tips, trusted buying advice, and helpful how-to information. Our clarity of focus, editorial integrity, and 20 years of industry expertise make us the premiere authority on all things mobile.”, has a annual poll game named  Laptop Magazine Smart Phone Madness Game.

Laptop Magazine’s Smartphone Madness 2012 Game started from March 12, 2012,  In March 30th, Laptop Magazine announced the Smartphone Madness 2012 Finals, in the finals, there are two smart phones left, Do you know what they are ? Maybe you will be surprised. just look at the following chart:

spm_2012_final_bracket2 You can see the final tow competitors are Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia Lumia 710, which are both from Nokia, and both of them use Windows Phone OS. The final result will come out at April 2, please check their official site here. From the game 2012, we get to know some interesting information due to people voted: 1: Chinese Huawei Ascend D Quad is better than Apple iPhone 4s ; 2: Samsung Galaxy series is nice, it almost fight to final; 3: The best 2 makes are Nokia and Samsung; 4: Windows Phone OS came later, but looks like it is the best for consumers; 5: How about if iPhone has new models ? 6: We do not need to wait until April 2, Nokia Lumia 900 should be the final king. phone-2