Top Canadian Mobile Phone Companies with Their Parent Companies


There are multiple mobile phone companies in Canada. Some of mobile companies change names time to time, also some of mobile companies shut down business, or, some of them were acquired by other bigger companies. So maybe you are confused so much: Which one is exactly a mobile company when you meet a new mobile company ? Is there any parent company beyond them ?

Let us share a top Canadian mobile phone companies list here (By 2017 Dec), so that we can search out information when we want to register in one of them, such as network coverage, real parent company…

For example, when we see a promo plan from Koodo Mobile, we’d better know their real coverage but we can not only simply get information from their business advertisement.  If we know its parent company is Telus, then we know its network coverage might not bad.


**Mobile Company** **Parent Company** **Users (Subscriptions)** **Coverage % of Canadian Population**
Rogers, Fido, Chatr Rogers Communications 10625000 LTE: 95% HSPA+: 97% GSM: 97%
Bell, Virgin, Lucky BCE Inc 9008273 LTE: 97% HSPA+: 98%
Telus, Koodo, Public Telus Corp. 8824000 LTE: 97% HSPA+: 98%
Freedom Shaw Communications 1147173 LTE: Toronto, Ottawa, London, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver HSPA+: 98%
(By 2016 Q3) (Data is from Wikipedia)   There are also other companies as resellers or mobile virtual network operators, such as 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless, currently seems all of them are using 3 top mobile companies’ network in Canada. For example: _7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless:  Rogers_ _DCI Wireless: Telus_ _Execulink Mobility: Bell_ _PC Mobile: Bell and Telus_ _Petro-Canada Mobility: Rogers_ _Zoomer Wireless: Rogers_ _Good2go: Rogers_ _KORE: Rogers_