Visual Studio with Git Conflict prevents checkout


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I had a project which developed on different computers using .NET in Visual Studio 2013, I used Git for source code control on Visual Studio online. Tehre was one computer had not updated long time. When I tried to pull code, I got the following error:

An error occurred. Detailed message: 1 conflict prevents checkout.


However, I could not see any ‘resolve conflict’ option on screen, also, there is no any changes which I did on this computer. Seems there was no any way to resolve this issue.

After searching, I realized there were some developers met the similar issue but all had different reasons. For my case, since there was no any helpful information, I tried to use the Git command which other developers used so that I might get different message.

So I opened the command prompt through Actions menu:

image After I use the git pull command, I found vary valued information! There was a Microsoft Siverlight Dll file was unlink, actually, I did not need to link the dll file or unlink since it was just a dll from Microsoft .NET library. I might removed the reference in my new code. but it is not a problem if keeping its link, so I answered No to the requested question: image After above processing, the Git pull conflict issue resolved. Above is the case which I met and resolved, but maybe not for your case. I just share one case to everybody, hope the post can give you some helpful information.