What Cloud Computing and Data Center will Be Finally ?


(This post is from personal view and thinking which is first published by GoGoToTo.com)

We are talking about Cloud Computing, Data Center, Public Cloud and Private Cloud and all related concepts every day. We see Google, Microsoft, Amazon are building more and more big data centers in all over the world, and we see they are creating new or improving lots of software or technologies to create their cloud platform.

However, did you have ever a chance to consider what all those things actually are?

Let’s go back to 1975, the first Personal Computer in the world was introduced in 1975. Before that, there were all big computers, a big computer could occupy an entire room. With rapid changes in technology, huge computers became small personal computers, the new personal computer can be even faster than huge old computers.

Now, World is in Cloud time, IT giants are building their Cloud platforms and big data centers, However, there must be some day, all big cloud platforms with all big data centers will become to a small computer server again. Yes, the world is looked like doing repeating thing (big things to small thing). but technologies is not repeating but it is just becoming better and better.

All individual models, services, computers in Data Center, will be “involved” into a personal using single server-kind device, which is just like old giant computer was taken role by personal computer. We will have that day in the future.